Saturday, July 20, 2013

Roleplaying Tales: Instant Magic User Death

A couple years back I was playing in a homebrew tabletop with a very robust and varied magic system. I'd been playing an old necromancer with an extensive magic knowledge limited by his magically-lowered magic power. In meta terms this meant I did basically whatever I wanted with magic as long as it was within my particular elements and had requirements under my magic power stat.
This was entertaining for me and the other party magic user was likewise enjoy them-self but the GM was coming to the realization that his present magic setup, while great for players, was a lot of work for the game's GM. Always having to calculate the costs of all the things we wanted to do was taking more time out of the sessions than he'd like an he decided he would prefer to not. Alas, in his way to being in the enviable position of "not dealing with this bullshit" were those two wizards.
So he trotted the party off on a quest that presumably was one of the required steps in our overarching epic. This quest ended deep in a catacomb full of one-way teleportation confronted by the spirit of a high-level paladin. In order to get out of the small door-less room we were in we had to answer a number of philosophical questions testing both our righteousness and our honesty.
When it came to my question I was caught in a Catch-22: Tell the truth and be punished for my lawful evil alignment or lie and be punished for my dishonesty. For reference, I chose the former.
As I was slain, both my own soul and that of the party's other wizard which I had conned her out of early on were sent off to a pleasant eternity with the evil necromantic god I was worshiping.
Having taken out half the party, the GM jovially informed us that the magic system was now under going revisions and would be unavailable for new character creation until further notice.

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