Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Fine Evening

He had been having a perfect evening: The stars were out, the fog was low, and he'd found the perfect female companionship for the night's entertainment. Unfortunately, while he was shadowing her some hoodlum had come out of a side alley and menaced her with a knife. He'd hoped the delinquent would merely rob her of her purse and leave at that but he had forced her off into the adjacent alley. It looked like his night was going to be completely ruined.
The man paced near the alley, unsure how to proceed. Having that delinquent there would totally ruin his picturesque plans for the evening but if he left it alone and that hooligan went too far it would equally ruin the message. He pondered finding another girl but this one had just the right build and glossy black hair the exact length of hers. The thought of cutting it triggered a shiver down his spine.
He rolled open the case containing his tools. He caressed the gleaming silver handle of his scissors before sliding his largest scalpel out of its place and rolling the case back up.
He stepped into the alley with purpose. The crook was facing away threatening  the young lady. He grabbed the younger man's left wrist mid-gesture and twisted his arm up and backward then, before losing his moment of surprise, ran the blade of his scalpel neatly down the length of his forearm.
As blood began to run heavily down his left arm, the delinquent tried to turn and slash at the intruder with the knife in his right hand but his arm was caught and the slice of the scalpel repeated. The knife clattered to the cobblestones.
"If you don't stop that bleeding, you're going to die." The man with the scalpel stated coldly.  He seemed done with his opponent already as he cleaned his scalpel with a handkerchief from his pocket. As expected the hapless hoodlum decided to cut his losses and fled the alley.
After tucking away the bloody kerchief, he stepped closer to the girl who, wisely, had not thanked him for saving her. She cautiously watched him approach, scalpel still at hand. As he trailed his eyes over the exposed neck of his fourth victim, he smiled.
Perhaps it was a fine evening after all.

(Inspired by Three Word Wednesday: Delinquent, Hapless, Trigger)


  1. Oooh, quite a chilling story Jeremy. Welcome to #fridayflash!

  2. A cold blooded murderer you captured that brilliantly

  3. Yes, welcome to #fridayflash, Jeremy! And what a creepy debut!

  4. Thanks for reading and for the welcomes.

  5. Hi, great to meet you through Friday Flash. Nice that the hoodlum didn't ruin his night after all, eh? And he got a little blood bonus out of it too!

  6. The poor girl is out of the frying pan and into the fire. Nice work.